Il Tifosi Recommends

Cahiers du Sport A simply brilliant site looking at Portuguese football

Football Further Fresh perspectives on tactical trends and French football in depth

Ghost Goal The game beyond UK shores and all sorts of other things that get us excited about football

Gib Football Show Andrew Gibney’s great site, different to everything else out there

In Bed With Maradona An award winning collective voice of the world’s best football writers, bloggers and journalists

Les Rosbifs Informative, unique, brilliant. Following the fortunes of English footballers in foreign lands

Pondering Calcio Completely different to almost any other site, this wonderfully written site deserves your attention

Rinaldi’s Blog A Scottish-Italian follower of Fiorentina, the Azzurri and Serie A 

Santapelota A seriously detailed look at football tactics, brilliantly written, a must for all football fanatics

Snap, Kaka and Pop! Jack Lang’s brilliant Brazilian blog

The Equaliser Blog  Insight and analysis on football from around the world.

The Football Express A look at football all over the world

The Swiss Ramble  Brit blogging from Switzerland, usually about the business of football

Zonal Marking Daily articles about tactics and formations in football, with the help of diagrams, graphs and chalkboards